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Virtual Meeting Spaces Rating: 7.6 / 10

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This Virtual Meeting Spaces review has been updated for 2022 by industry experts with years of business experience across multiple industries and disciplines.

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Virtual Meeting Spaces Guide for 2022 – Quick Summary

Virtual Meeting Spaces Telephone Number: None
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Virtual Meeting Spaces Address:
Year Founded: 2013
Virtual Meeting Spaces Highlights: Close Global provides visual communication that connects all types of devices.
Hedquarters: Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Virtual Meeting Spaces Revenue (USD Millions) Unknown
Languages Supported English
Virtual Meeting Spaces LinkedIn: None
Virtual Meeting Spaces Employee Count (On LinkedIn): None
Virtual Meeting Spaces Top Features: HD Video, Screen Sharing, Web Audio, Dial in Conference Line, Unlimited Meetings, Personal Meeting Room, Secure Meetings, Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Group Messaging, Desktop & Application Sharing, Local Recording Capability,
Virtual Meeting Spaces Twitter: None
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Our entire Virtual Meeting Spaces Guide covers all you will need to learn about using Virtual Meeting Spaces. Fantastic video conferencing software can not only help your business to become more efficient and thrive but also provide you a platform that can give you profits. If you want to make profits, you should ensure you are using a good piece of video conferencing software.

There is no sure-fire method to ensure profits; thus, you must carefully analyze your video conferencing software before you select it. It is a frequent misconception that all video conferencing software is exactly the same, but that is not correct. Wrong judgment, initially, can put your business at risk.

Virtual Meeting Spaces is a piece of video conferencing software that has forged its way successfully. In this review of Virtual Meeting Spaces, we have attempted to collate a number of the important facets. This review can allow you to understand whether Virtual Meeting Spaces is a good match for your organization or not. We have attempted to breakdown all of the qualities and fees for your convenience.

Choosing The Best Video Conferencing Software For You

When choosing whether Virtual Meeting Spaces is the most appropriate video conferencing software for your business there are 5 things to consider and do to make the right choice:

  1. Decide what you need to achieve from using Virtual Meeting Spaces
  2. Does Virtual Meeting Spaces suit your needs as a full Video Conferencing platform?
  3. Fully research the Virtual Meeting Spaces video conferencing platform and tools. Do the Virtual Meeting Spaces tools and resources align with your business needs?
  4. Decide the budget available to implement a new Video Conferencing solution and do the solutions from Virtual Meeting Spaces offer the features you need within the budget.
  5. Sign up for a account with Virtual Meeting Spaces. Ask for a callback and demo to fully check that the software is right for you.

What is Virtual Meeting Spaces?

Virtual Meeting Spaces is a professional suite of video conferencing software developed by Close Global and is aimed at small to enterprise sized organisations.

Close Global was founded in 2013 in Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Close Global provides visual communication that connects all types of devices.

Does Virtual Meeting Spaces Offer A Free Trial?

Unfortunately Virtual Meeting Spaces does not offer a free trial.

While creating this Virtual Meeting Spaces review we found that it offers a lot of advanced video conferencing features with its paid plans. You can learn more about some of the Virtual Meeting Spaces Video Conferencing features further on in this Virtual Meeting Spaces review.

Is Virtual Meeting Spaces The Best Video Conferencing Solution Available?

Video conferencing suppliers vary from 1 man bands to giant companies; There's a lot out there. However, when it comes to selecting a professional video conferencing solution, there are several factors you have to evaluate. In order to make sure that Virtual Meeting Spaces is the best video conferencing solution to your small business, take a look at our guide below.

Main Features Of Virtual Meeting Spaces

Virtual Meeting Spaces offers professional video conferencing features like:

  • HD Video
  • Screen Sharing
  • Web Audio
  • Dial in Conference Line
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Personal Meeting Room
  • Secure Meetings
  • Video Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Group Messaging
  • Desktop & Application Sharing
  • Local Recording Capability

Virtual Meeting Spaces Review - Basics Features & Rating

Basics Features Rating
Audio Calls
Video Conferencing
Meeting Initiation and Joining
Follow-Up and Breakout Meetings

Virtual Meeting Spaces Review - Content Features & Rating

Content Features Rating
Rich Media -

Virtual Meeting Spaces Review - Interaction Features & Rating

Interaction Features Rating
File Share

Virtual Meeting Spaces Review - Platform Features & Rating

Platform Features Rating
Performance and Reliability
Bandwidth Usage
Participant Permissions
Enterprise Scalability

Alternatives To Virtual Meeting Spaces

Looking for an alternative to Virtual Meeting Spaces?

Many companies want video conferencing software to aid their business goals. What is challenging is finding out whether or not a piece of software you choose is right for your business. We have compiled a list of other video conferencing solutions that our reviewers voted best overall compared to Virtual Meeting Spaces. Based on thousands of datapoints, you can see how Virtual Meeting Spaces matches up to their competitors, and find the best fit for your needs.

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