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Teleport Video is a fully functional Video Conferencing software platform.

This Teleport Video review has been updated for 2021 by industry experts with years of business software experience in development, implementation and use.

We have collated thousands of datapoints for all of our Video Conferencing software reviews.

This Teleport Video review contains the most recent information about Teleport Video.

If you're looking for new Video Conferencing software then so many facts will be confusing for you. Finding new Video Conferencing software requires expert assessing skills and comprehensive knowledge. You'll need to fully understand what each piece of Video Conferencing software can do to ensure it is a good fit for your business. For starters, you have to choose the right Video Conferencing software provider who will be transparent with you always.

In this fast-paced world of business software, you'll need guidance to make proper decisions. Teleport Video is just one such piece of Video Conferencing software that will enhance your business. It's crucial that you know all about Teleport Video until you invest your money in their software.

Our entire Teleport Video Review covers all you need to learn about their Video Conferencing software. A fantastic piece of Video Conferencing software can ease multiple burdens within a business and provide you positive ROI. If you want to earn a good return on investment, you should use Video Conferencing products that aligns with your business needs.

There is no sure-fire way to guarantee a good ROI; therefore, you should carefully assess any new Video Conferencing software before you select them. It's a common misconception that all Video Conferencing software will be the same, but that is not true. Wrong judgment, initially, can put your business in reverse.

Connect is a provider of video conferencing software which has found its way successfully over the years and provides one of the best Video Conferencing software on the market. Within this review, we have tried to collate a number of the important facets of Teleport Video. This review will allow you to understand whether software from Connect is a good match for your needs or not. We've attempted to breakdown all of the qualities and fees for your convenience.

Teleport Video Ratings

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Choosing The Best Video Conferencing Software For You

When choosing whether Teleport Video is the most appropriate video conferencing software for your business there are 5 things to consider and do to make the right choice:

  • Detail Out what you need to achieve from using Teleport Video
  • Does Teleport Video achieve your needs as a full Video Conferencing platform?
  • Fully research the Teleport Video video conferencing platform and tools. Do the Teleport Video tools and resources align with your business needs?
  • Decide the budget available to implement a new Video Conferencing solution and do the solutions from Teleport Video offer the features you need within the budget.
  • Register for a account with Teleport Video. Ask for a callback and demo to finally check that the solution is right for you.
  • Teleport Video Review – Overview

    Full Company Name Connect
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    Connect Phone Number None
    Year Founded 2014
    Connect Address N/A
    Connect Employees (As per LinkedIn) None
    Revenue Unknown
    Ownership Private
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    Main Software Features HD Video, Screen Sharing, Web Audio, Dial in Conference Line, Unlimited Meetings, Personal Meeting Room, Secure Meetings, Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Group Messaging, Desktop & Application Sharing, Local Recording Capability,

    Teleport Video Pricing & Costs


    Free Free

    SkypeUnlimited World

    $13.99 per month


    $12 per month

    What is Teleport Video?

    Teleport Video is a fully functional piece of video-conferencing software provided by Connect and is targeted for small to enterprise sized businesses.

    Connect was founded in 2014 in N/A.

    Video call from anywhere with just a link.

    Teleport Video Free Trial

    Teleport Video does not offer a free trial.

    While creating this Teleport Video review we found that it offers a lot of advanced video conferencingfeatures with its paid plans. You can learn more about some of the Teleport Video Video Conferencing features further on in this Teleport Video review.

    Is Teleport Video The Best Video Conferencing platform available?

    Video Conferencing suppliers vary from one man bands to giant multinationals; There's a lot out there. However, when it comes to choosing a Video Conferencing solution, there are numerous factors that you must factor in. In order to ensure that Teleport Video is the best Video Conferencing solution for your business, take a look at our guide below.

    Teleport Video Features

    Teleport Video offers advanced video conferencing festures like HD Video, Screen Sharing, Web Audio, Dial in Conference Line, Unlimited Meetings, Personal Meeting Room, Secure Meetings, Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Group Messaging, Desktop & Application Sharing, Local Recording Capability,

    Teleport Video Review - Basics Features & Rating

    Basics Features Rating
    Audio Calls
    Video Conferencing
    Meeting Initiation and Joining
    Follow-Up and Breakout Meetings

    Teleport Video Review - Content Features & Rating

    Content Features Rating
    Rich Media -

    Teleport Video Review - Interaction Features & Rating

    Interaction Features Rating
    File Share

    Teleport Video Review - Platform Features & Rating

    Platform Features Rating
    Performance and Reliability
    Bandwidth Usage
    Participant Permissions
    Enterprise Scalability

    Alternatives To Teleport Video

    Teleport Video not quite right for you? Many businesses want video conferencing software to aid their business goals. What's challenging is finding out whether or not the software you choose is right for you. We have compiled a list of video conferencing software that our reviewers voted best overall compared to Teleport Video. Based on thousands of datapoints, you can see how Teleport Video stacks up to the competition, and find the best fit for your business.

    The Top 20 Teleport Video alternatives are listed below


    Overall rating 88%
    Setup Rating 92%
    Ease Of Use Rating 87%
    Support Rating 94%
    About Verishow

    Verishow was founded in 2007 in West Bloomfield, MI.

    Verishow is an online web meeting and document sharing platform that allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time.


    Overall rating 92%
    Setup Rating 83%
    Ease Of Use Rating 90%
    Support Rating 91%
    About Gotalk

    Gotalk was founded in 2000 in N/A.

    Share your personalized link via social media, email or text message. Carry out one-on-one consultations with clients or take part in group meetings.

    Intermedia Unite

    Overall rating 88%
    Setup Rating 90%
    Ease Of Use Rating 92%
    Support Rating 87%
    About Intermedia Unite

    Intermedia Unite was founded in 1995 in Mountain View, CA.

    Intermedia Unite is an award-winning, highly reliable, cloud-based phone system that helps small businesses lower costs, simplify management and increase employee productivity.

    Solaborate Messenger

    Overall rating 88%
    Setup Rating 89%
    Ease Of Use Rating 89%
    Support Rating 89%
    About Solaborate Messenger

    Solaborate Messenger was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA.

    Solaborate Messenger is a cross-platform messaging app.


    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 100%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Kutamo

    Kutamo was founded in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

    Kutamo offers video conferencing and is an online tool designed to help you and your teams manage your meetings and outcomes, simply and efficiently!


    Overall rating 70%
    Setup Rating 75%
    Ease Of Use Rating 72%
    Support Rating 61%
    About Vidyo

    Vidyo was founded in 2005 in Hackensack, NJ.

    Vidyo pioneered Personal Telepresence enabling natural, HD multi-point videoconferences on tablets, smart phones, PCs, Macs, room systems and telepresence installations that interoperate with legacy H.323 and SIP endpoints. Vidyos infrastructure makes it a leading provider of affordable cloud-based video conferencing technology. The VidyoWorks platform allows solution providers to integrate high quality visual communications into their applications, leveraging H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Vidyos patented VidyoRouter technology


    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 73%
    Ease Of Use Rating 87%
    Support Rating 83%
    About MegaMeeting

    MegaMeeting was founded in 2003 in Encino, CA.

    MegaMeeting is a web and video conferencing solution.


    Overall rating 76%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 75%
    Support Rating 92%
    About BeamPro

    BeamPro was founded in 2011 in Palo Alto, CA.

    BeamPro is a service that allows users to interact with remote locations by coupling high-end video and audio with the freedom of motion to move about a space.

    Overall rating 92%
    Setup Rating 94%
    Ease Of Use Rating 93%
    Support Rating 89%
    About was founded in 2001 in Long Beach, California. is a conferencing and voice messaging provider.

    INXPO Webcasting

    Overall rating 76%
    Setup Rating 33%
    Ease Of Use Rating 80%
    Support Rating 78%
    About INXPO Webcasting

    INXPO Webcasting was founded in 1986 in Omaha, NE.

    A better way to engage your Employees, Customers, Prospects, and Partners!


    Overall rating 92%
    Setup Rating 94%
    Ease Of Use Rating 95%
    Support Rating 96%
    About Livestorm

    Livestorm was founded in 2016 in Paris, France.

    Livestorm is a webinar software that fully works from the browser, with no download required. Livestorm offers live webinar engagement features such as chat and questions, provides webinar analytics and source tracking, audience segmentation through polls and data enrichment, and integrations with CRMs and marketing softwares.


    Overall rating 82%
    Setup Rating 67%
    Ease Of Use Rating 77%
    Support Rating 76%
    About Avacaster

    Avacaster was founded in 2001 in Los Angeles, CA.

    Avacast is an easy-to-use content delivery system perfect for online meetings, training, teaching, collaboration, education, and entertainment.

    8x8 Video Meetings

    Overall rating 80%
    Setup Rating 87%
    Ease Of Use Rating 80%
    Support Rating 82%
    About 8x8 Video Meetings

    8x8 Video Meetings was founded in 1987 in San Jose, CA.

    No more starting your meetings with frustrated users or unhappy meeting attendees. And unlike our competitors, we dont believe in placing limits on free. How can collaboration and productivity be confined to 40-minute increments or groups of 3 participants? At 8x8, we offer unlimited meetings, with unlimited minutes for up to 50 participants. Our goal is to help you grow your business by being generous with our service. Every user gets their own personalized meeting space with a dedicated URL that can be shared with guests. No more asking participants to use long meeting names and passcodes. If you want more meeting security, there are password options and randomized meeting names available.


    Overall rating 94%
    Setup Rating 83%
    Ease Of Use Rating 94%
    Support Rating 91%
    About ConX

    ConX was founded in 2014 in N/A.

    ConX Cloud provides simple, cost-effective, cloud-based video meeting rooms for everyone at anytime.


    Overall rating 92%
    Setup Rating 98%
    Ease Of Use Rating 97%
    Support Rating 88%
    About Whereby

    Whereby was founded in 2013 in Oslo, Norway.

    Collaborate from anywhere! Easy video meetings with no login for guests.


    Overall rating 90%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 83%
    Support Rating 67%
    About Samesurf

    Samesurf was founded in 2009 in Los Angeles,USA.

    Samesurf enables real-time collaboration from any device or browser without installs or coding of any kind.


    Overall rating 100%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 100%
    Support Rating 40%
    About MeetS4B

    MeetS4B was founded in 1994 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

    Meets4b is online meeting software that provides the highest requirements with live chat support.

    Eureka Conferencing

    Overall rating 60%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Eureka Conferencing

    Eureka Conferencing was founded in 2001 in Sydney, Australia.

    Eureka Conferencing offers teleconferencing solutions, designed to help accelerate businesses with great value audio conferencing and web conferencing services.

    Zoho Meeting

    Overall rating 90%
    Setup Rating 92%
    Ease Of Use Rating 91%
    Support Rating 86%
    About Zoho Meeting

    Zoho Meeting was founded in 1996 in Pleasanton, CA.

    Reach your global customers within minutes and present your product demos or sales presentation. Close deals faster without travelling.

    Virtual Meeting Spaces

    Overall rating 76%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 83%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Virtual Meeting Spaces

    Virtual Meeting Spaces was founded in 2013 in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

    Close Global provides visual communication that connects all types of devices.