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HighRoad Solution is a fully functional Marketing Automation software platform.

This HighRoad Solution review has been updated for 2021 by industry experts with years of business software experience in development, implementation and use.

We have collated thousands of datapoints for all of our Marketing Automation software reviews.

This HighRoad Solution review contains the most recent information about HighRoad Solution.

If you're looking for new Marketing Automation software then so many details will be confusing for you. Finding new Marketing Automation software demands expert assessing skills and thorough knowledge. You will need to fully understand what each piece of Marketing Automation software can do to ensure it is a good fit for your business. For starters, you have to choose the ideal Marketing Automation software provider who'll be clear with you constantly.

Within this fast-paced universe of business software, you'll need advice to make proper decisions. HighRoad Solution is one such piece of Marketing Automation software which will enhance your business. It is crucial to know about HighRoad Solution before you invest your money in their software.

Our full HighRoad Solution Review covers all you need to learn about their Marketing Automation software. A good piece of Marketing Automation software can ease multiple burdens within a business and give you positive ROI. If you would like to make a good return on investment, you must use Marketing Automation products that aligns with your business needs.

There's absolutely no sure-fire method to ensure a good ROI; thus, you must carefully analyze any new Marketing Automation software before you select them. It's a frequent misconception that all Marketing Automation products are the same, but that's not correct. Wrong judgment, initially, can set your business back.

HighRoad Solution is a provider of marketing automation software which has paved its way successfully over the years and provides one of the best Marketing Automation software on the market. In this review, we have tried to collate all of the vital facets of HighRoad Solution. This review will help you to understand whether software from HighRoad Solution is a good fit for your needs or not. We have tried to breakdown all the features and fees for your advantage.

HighRoad Solution Ratings

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How To Choose The Best Marketing Automation Software For You

When deciding whether HighRoad Solution is the most appropriate marketing automation software for your business there are 5 things to consider and do to make the right choice:

  • Detail Out what you need to achieve from using HighRoad Solution
  • Does HighRoad Solution achieve your needs as a full Marketing Automation platform?
  • Fully research the HighRoad Solution marketing automation platform and toolset. Do the HighRoad Solution tools and resources stack up against your business needs?
  • Detail Out the budget available to implement a new Marketing Automation solution and do the solutions from HighRoad Solution offer the features you need within the budget.
  • Register for a account with HighRoad Solution. Ask for a callback and demo to finally check that the software is right for you.
  • HighRoad Solution Review – Overview

    Full Company Name HighRoad Solution
    Website URL http://highroadsolution.com
    HighRoad Solution Phone Number None
    Year Founded 2005
    HighRoad Solution Address Ashburn,USA
    HighRoad Solution Employees (As per LinkedIn) None
    Revenue Unknown
    Ownership Private
    HighRoad Solution Twitter Handle None
    HighRoad Solution Twitter Followers
    HighRoad Solution LinkedIn None
    Main Software Features Forms, Contact activity, Contact management, Contact & company insights, Ad management, Team messages, Reporting dashboards, Marketing Automation, Free Support,

    HighRoad Solution Pricing & Costs

    HubSpotMarketing Hub Free

    $0 Free


    $9 Per Month - Paid Yearly


    $1 per month


    What is HighRoad Solution?

    HighRoad Solution is a fully functional piece of marketing-automation software provided by HighRoad Solution and is targeted for small to enterprise sized businesses.

    HighRoad Solution was founded in 2005 in Ashburn,USA.

    HighRoad Solution provides email, automation & inbound to associations.

    HighRoad Solution Free Trial

    HighRoad Solution does not offer a free trial.

    While creating this HighRoad Solution review we found that it offers a lot of advanced marketing automationfeatures with its paid plans. You can learn more about some of the HighRoad Solution Marketing Automation features further on in this HighRoad Solution review.

    Is HighRoad Solution The Best Marketing Automation platform In The World?

    Marketing Automation suppliers range from one man bands to giant conglomerates; There is a whole lot out there. But, when it comes to choosing a Marketing Automation solution, there are numerous considerations that you must factor in. To be able to make sure that HighRoad Solution is the best Marketing Automation solution for your business, check out our guide below.

    HighRoad Solution Features

    HighRoad Solution offers advanced marketing automation festures like Forms, Contact activity, Contact management, Contact & company insights, Ad management, Team messages, Reporting dashboards, Marketing Automation, Free Support,

    HighRoad Solution Review - Email Marketing Features & Rating

    Email Marketing Features Rating
    Building and Personalizing Emails
    Sending Outbound Emails
    Manage Email Deliverability
    Automated Email Responses

    HighRoad Solution Review - Online Marketing Features & Rating

    Online Marketing Features Rating
    Landing Pages and Forms
    Dynamic Content
    A/B Testing
    Search Tracking and Optimization

    HighRoad Solution Review - Lead Management Features & Rating

    Lead Management Features Rating
    Marketing Lead Database
    Data Quality Management
    Online Behavior Tracking
    CRM Lead Integration

    HighRoad Solution Review - Reporting & Analytics Features & Rating

    Reporting & Analytics Features Rating
    Basic Reporting
    ROI Analytics
    Revenue Analytics

    Alternatives To HighRoad Solution

    Looking for alternatives to HighRoad Solution? Tons of people want marketing automation software to aid their business goals. What is difficult is finding out whether or not a piece of software you choose is right for you. We have compiled a list of marketing automation software that our reviewers voted best overall compared to HighRoad Solution. Based on thousands of datapoints, you can see how HighRoad Solution matches up to the competition, and find the best fit for your business.

    The Top 20 HighRoad Solution alternatives are listed below

    AnyFunnels platform

    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About AnyFunnels platform

    AnyFunnels platform was founded in 2020 in Chennai, India.

    AnyFunnels platform helps you capture leads, track website visits, send more personalized emails, automate customer journey & accelerate growth.

    Cheetah Engagement Data Platform

    Overall rating 27%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 64%
    Support Rating 33%
    About Cheetah Engagement Data Platform

    Cheetah Engagement Data Platform was founded in 1998 in Chicago, IL.

    Achieve a single view of the customer across solutions

    Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub

    Overall rating 30%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub

    Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub was founded in 2006 in Boston, MA.

    The Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub empowers organizations to enhance customer experience by unifying all customer data, determining next-best actions, and orchestrating contextually relevant omnichannel interactions at the speed of each customer.


    Overall rating 82%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About IMIcampaign

    IMIcampaign was founded in 2000 in London, United Kingdom.

    A true multi-channel campaign platform for creating the personalised micro-moments that captivate customers.


    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About CloudOne

    CloudOne was founded in 2010 in Vancouver,VA.

    CloudOne differentiates itself by offering powerful turnkey marketing solutions that are supported by its own proprietary data-driven call center to ensure a consistent consumer experience that maintains the highest level of campaign performance. CloudOne also provides simple, quick and easy API access to its robust technology and call center infrastructures to agencies and value-add partners, either on al la carte basis or its turn-key solutions.


    Overall rating 92%
    Setup Rating 100%
    Ease Of Use Rating 96%
    Support Rating 96%
    About Makesbridge

    Makesbridge was founded in 2001 in Saratoga Village, CA.

    Marketing Automation


    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 91%
    Support Rating 83%
    About SalesNexus

    SalesNexus was founded in 2002 in Houston, TX.

    CRM software, email marketing, and lead generation solution for sales growth


    Overall rating 82%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Synerise

    Synerise was founded in 2013 in Cracow, Poland.

    Synerise is a powerful and intuitive AI Marketing Ecosystem that uses artificial intelligence, semantic web, predictive analysis and machine learning in order to understand the customers better and to generate extraordinary ROI. Synerise simplifies the process of making strategic decisions regarding sales and marketing activities.


    Overall rating 74%
    Setup Rating 77%
    Ease Of Use Rating 78%
    Support Rating 76%
    About Signpost

    Signpost was founded in 2010 in New York, NY.

    Signpost gives you marketing solutions for local businesses with automated marketing, measurable results, reviews, referrals, and feedback.


    Overall rating 90%
    Setup Rating 86%
    Ease Of Use Rating 86%
    Support Rating 92%
    About Hatchbuck

    Hatchbuck was founded in 2011 in St Louis, MO.

    Hatchbuck is sales and marketing software for small business that makes it easy to nurture prospects and customers and drive more sales.

    Wired Plus

    Overall rating 70%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Wired Plus

    Wired Plus was founded in 2017 in Burnley, England.

    Consists of 3 elements to support you in your journey from marketing novice to marketing superhero. The Wired Plus vision is to arm our customers with the right tools and knowledge, to encourage you to hit your goals and then exceed them.


    Overall rating 82%
    Setup Rating 78%
    Ease Of Use Rating 80%
    Support Rating 82%
    About Customer.io

    Customer.io was founded in 2012 in Portland, OR.

    A platform for sending targeted messages.


    Overall rating 60%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 50%
    Support Rating 40%
    About OptifiNow

    OptifiNow was founded in 2009 in Seal Beach,USA.

    OptifiNow sales automation software improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales pipeline, communicating in a seamless, multi-channel cloud environment


    Overall rating 80%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 100%
    Support Rating 83%
    About AIMcrm

    AIMcrm was founded in 2010 in Northampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

    AIMcrm combines the tools you need most in one easy-to-use interface

    Retention Science

    Overall rating 100%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 83%
    Support Rating 83%
    About Retention Science

    Retention Science was founded in 2011 in Santa Monica, CA.

    Retention Sciences data-driven platform predicts customer behavior to deliver targeted communications.

    Zoho MarketingHub

    Overall rating 78%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 80%
    Support Rating 80%
    About Zoho MarketingHub

    Zoho MarketingHub was founded in 1996 in Pleasanton, CA.

    Zoho MarketingHub is an all-in-one marketing automation software that helps you successfully manage your marketing activities across multiple channels. Generate more leads, convert them to customers, and retain them longer.

    Sugar Market

    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 78%
    Ease Of Use Rating 75%
    Support Rating 90%
    About Sugar Market

    Sugar Market was founded in 2004 in Cupertino, CA.

    Sugar Market (formerly Salesfusion) is the all-you-need marketing automation solution built to work for you. Highly intuitive campaign builders, advanced automation and superior reporting enable you to understand engagement, improve conversion and drive more revenue.


    Overall rating 90%
    Setup Rating 83%
    Ease Of Use Rating 83%
    Support Rating 90%
    About Zymplify

    Zymplify was founded in 2012 in Portstewart, Ireland.

    Zymplify is an all-in-one sales and marketing automation software.

    Upland Adestra

    Overall rating 90%
    Setup Rating 83%
    Ease Of Use Rating 82%
    Support Rating 95%
    About Upland Adestra

    Upland Adestra was founded in 2012 in Austin, TX.

    Were Upland Adestra. We have been providing enterprise-level digital marketing technology solutions to organizations around the globe since 2004. Our clients trust our proven email, automation, social, and mobile marketing technology to deliver successful and cutting-edge marketing programs to their valued customers.


    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 76%
    Ease Of Use Rating 76%
    Support Rating 84%
    About SALESmanago

    SALESmanago was founded in 2011 in Krakow, Poland.

    SALESmanago Marketing Automation provides an easy to implement next generation solutions that redefine the way traditional marketing tools are used. They are always going above and beyond the expectations regarding the capabilities of email marketing, dynamic & personalized website content, social media marketing, online advertising, and mobile marketing.