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PipelineDeals is a fully functional Crm software platform.

This PipelineDeals review has been updated for 2021 by industry experts with years of business software experience in development, implementation and use.

We have collated thousands of datapoints for all of our Crm software reviews.

This PipelineDeals review contains the latest information about PipelineDeals.

If you're looking for new Crm software then so many facts will be confusing for you. Finding new Crm software demands expert analyzing skills and comprehensive knowledge. You will need to fully understand what each piece of Crm software can do to ensure it is a good fit for your business. For starters, you need to select the ideal Crm software provider who will be clear with you always.

In this fast-paced universe of business software, you will need guidance to make correct decisions. PipelineDeals is one such piece of Crm software that will enhance your business. It's crucial that you understand all about PipelineDeals before you invest your cash in their software.

Our entire PipelineDeals Review covers all you need to know about their Crm software. A good piece of Crm software can ease multiple burdens within a business and provide you favorable ROI. If you want to earn a good return on investment, you should use Crm products that aligns with your business needs.

There is no sure-fire method to guarantee a good ROI; therefore, you should carefully assess any new Crm software before you select them. It's a common misconception that all Crm products are the same, but that's not correct. Wrong judgment, in the beginning, can set your business back.

PipelineDeals is a provider of crm software which has found its way successfully over the years and provides one of the best Crm software on the market. Within this review, we have attempted to collate all of the vital facets of PipelineDeals. This review will help you to know whether software from PipelineDeals is a fantastic match for your needs or not. We have attempted to breakdown all the features and fees for your convenience.

PipelineDeals Ratings

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Choosing The Best Crm Software For You

When choosing whether PipelineDeals is the best crm software for your business there are 5 things to consider and do to make the right choice:

  • Work out what you need to achieve from using PipelineDeals
  • Does PipelineDeals suit your needs as a full Crm platform?
  • Fully understand the PipelineDeals crm platform and toolset. Do the PipelineDeals tools and resources align with your business needs?
  • Work out the budget available to implement a new Crm solution and do the offerings from PipelineDeals offer the features you need within the budget.
  • Register for a account with PipelineDeals. Ask for a callback and demo to finally check that the software is right for you.
  • PipelineDeals Review – Company Overview

    Full Company Name PipelineDeals
    Website URL http://www.pipelinedeals.com
    PipelineDeals Phone Number +1 (866) 702-7303
    Year Founded 2006
    PipelineDeals Address Seattle, WA
    PipelineDeals Employees (As per LinkedIn) 34
    Revenue Unknown
    Ownership Private
    PipelineDeals Twitter Handle @PipelineDeals
    PipelineDeals Twitter Followers 3361
    PipelineDeals LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/1073626/
    Main Software Features Performance and Reliability - CRM, Contact & Account Management, Opportunity & Pipeline Mgmt.,

    PipelineDeals Pricing & Costs


    $25.00 user per month


    $33.00 user per month


    $49.00 user per month

    What is PipelineDeals?

    PipelineDeals is a fully functional piece of crm software provided by PipelineDeals and is targeted for small to enterprise sized businesses.

    PipelineDeals was founded in 2006 in Seattle, WA.

    PipelineDeals is the first sales productivity platform to combine sales engagement and CRM in one simple app

    PipelineDeals Free Trial

    PipelineDeals does not offer a free trial.

    While creating this PipelineDeals review we found that it offers a lot of advanced crmfeatures with its paid plans. You can learn more about some of the PipelineDeals Crm features further on in this PipelineDeals review.

    Is PipelineDeals The Best Crm platform available?

    Crm suppliers range from one man bands to giant multinationals; There is a whole lot out there. But, when it comes to choosing a Crm solution, there are numerous considerations that you must factor in. In order to make sure that PipelineDeals is the best Crm solution to your business, take a look at our guide below.

    PipelineDeals Features

    PipelineDeals offers advanced crm festures like Performance and Reliability - CRM, Contact & Account Management, Opportunity & Pipeline Mgmt.,

    PipelineDeals Review - Sales Force Automation Features & Rating

    Sales Force Automation Features Rating
    Contact & Account Management
    Partner Relationship Mgmt. (PRM)
    Opportunity & Pipeline Mgmt.
    Task / Activity Management
    Territory & Quota Management
    Desktop Integration
    Product & Price List Management
    Quote & Order Management
    Customer Contract Management

    PipelineDeals Review - Marketing Automation Features & Rating

    Marketing Automation Features Rating
    Email Marketing
    Campaign Management
    Lead Management
    Marketing ROI Analytics

    PipelineDeals Review - Customer Support Features & Rating

    Customer Support Features Rating
    Case Management
    Customer Support Portal
    Knowledge Base
    Call Center Features
    Support Analytics

    PipelineDeals Review - Reporting & Analytics Features & Rating

    Reporting & Analytics Features Rating

    PipelineDeals Review - Mobile & Social Features & Rating

    Mobile & Social Features Rating
    Social Collaboration Features
    Social Network Integration
    Mobile User Support

    PipelineDeals Review - Platform Features & Rating

    Platform Features Rating
    Workflow Capability
    User, Role, and Access Management
    Document & Content Mgmt.
    Performance and Reliability
    Output Document Generation

    PipelineDeals Review - Integration Features & Rating

    Integration Features Rating
    Data Import & Export Tools
    Integration APIs
    Breadth of Partner Applications

    Alternatives To PipelineDeals

    Looking for alternatives to PipelineDeals? Many people want crm software to aid their business goals. What's difficult is finding out whether or not a piece of software you choose is right for you. We have compiled a list of crm software that our reviewers voted best overall compared to PipelineDeals. Based on thousands of datapoints, you can see how PipelineDeals matches up to their competitors, and find the best fit for your needs.

    The Top 20 PipelineDeals alternatives are listed below

    Vtiger Sales

    Overall rating 80%
    Setup Rating 88%
    Ease Of Use Rating 83%
    Support Rating 80%
    About Vtiger Sales

    Vtiger Sales was founded in 2004 in Cupertino, California.

    Vtiger helps you run a better sales process - with 360 lead histories and scoring, one-click engagement, on-record collaboration, everything-automation, and sales analytics.


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Senses

    Senses was founded in 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

    A sales support tool that utilizes organization knowledge. In addition to management functions such as customer management and case management, generally called SFA CRM, Senses has a function to analyze success / failure cases from AI algorithm based on accumulated sales information. Senses will support "when", "who", "what", "how" "from past success or failure cases.

    OnContact Sales CRM

    Overall rating 78%
    Setup Rating 69%
    Ease Of Use Rating 77%
    Support Rating 84%
    About OnContact Sales CRM

    OnContact Sales CRM was founded in 2001 in Menomonee Falls, WI.

    Oncontact CRM 7 is an innovative, full-featured CRM solution that runs where you want it to as an on-premise or as a hosted solution without any long term commitments.


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About BIOS CRM

    BIOS CRM was founded in 1993 in Almere, The Netherlands.

    BIOS + CRM

    ConSol CM

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About ConSol CM

    ConSol CM was founded in 1984 in Dubai, UAE.

    ConSol CM is a software for any situation. It epitomizes flourishing customer relationships and the highest quality for value-creating and internal processes at a smart company.

    Oracle Engagement Cloud

    Overall rating 72%
    Setup Rating 60%
    Ease Of Use Rating 73%
    Support Rating 66%
    About Oracle Engagement Cloud

    Oracle Engagement Cloud was founded in 1977 in Redwood Shores, CA.

    Oracle Engagement Cloud (formerly Oracle Sales Cloud) engages your customer earlier and enables you to close deals more often. Equip your team with the proper processes, tools, resources, and intelligence to increase revenues.


    Overall rating 100%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 100%
    Support Rating 100%
    About ManageMore

    ManageMore was founded in 1991 in Pembroke Pines, FL.

    Software with accounting, inventory, CRM, POS, ecommerce, contact manager, time and attendance, payroll, document management and more.


    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Atendare

    Atendare was founded in 2011 in Rio Grande do Sul,Brazil.

    Atendare is a complete marketing and sales platform that aims to help you increase your online traffic, capture qualified leads, boost your sales, improve your relationship and multiply your sales.

    LeadSquared Sales Mobile CRM

    Overall rating 92%
    Setup Rating 87%
    Ease Of Use Rating 90%
    Support Rating 95%
    About LeadSquared Sales Mobile CRM

    LeadSquared Sales Mobile CRM was founded in 2011 in Bangalore, India.

    LeadSquared is a Sales Execution Platform designed for medium and large enterprises.


    Overall rating 60%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 50%
    Support Rating 40%
    About OptifiNow

    OptifiNow was founded in 2009 in Seal Beach,USA.

    OptifiNow sales automation software improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales pipeline, communicating in a seamless, multi-channel cloud environment

    Alore CRM

    Overall rating 30%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Alore CRM

    Alore CRM was founded in 2017 in Singapore, Singapore.

    Alore is an AI-powered integrated CRM and inbound marketing platform.

    Really Simple Systems

    Overall rating 88%
    Setup Rating 90%
    Ease Of Use Rating 88%
    Support Rating 91%
    About Really Simple Systems

    Really Simple Systems was founded in 2006 in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

    Really Simple Systems is a Cloud CRM SaaS for customer relationship management. Includes email sync, reporting, task mgt, sales tracking and email marketing.

    VUE CRM for Insurance

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About VUE CRM for Insurance

    VUE CRM for Insurance was founded in 1969 in Denver, CO.

    A robust web-based CRM application built for Life & Annuity, P&C, and Health insurers. Drive growth and support your marketing & sales efforts to recruit, develop, and maintain relationships in your producer distribution channel. We offer unmatched flexibility and configurability that fosters producer management, hierarchy management, lead & opportunity management, 247 accessibility and VUE analytics.

    SP CRM

    Overall rating 70%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About SP CRM

    SP CRM was founded in 2011 in Penn Valley, CA.

    CRM for SharePoint

    Rubi CRM

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Rubi CRM

    Rubi CRM was founded in 2010 in Leeds, England.


    icomplete CRM

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About icomplete CRM

    icomplete CRM was founded in 2012 in Swindon, United Kingdom.

    An online centralised contact management CRM designed for small business - built-in social CRM, email, SMS marketing,Direct Mail & optional VoIP services.


    Overall rating 100%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 100%
    Support Rating 40%
    About UbiCRM

    UbiCRM was founded in 2000 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    UbiCRM is a customer relationship management software designed to collect all the leads from the website and other sources.

    Nextiva CRM

    Overall rating 40%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 50%
    Support Rating 28%
    About Nextiva CRM

    Nextiva CRM was founded in 2008 in Scottsdale, AZ.

    Nextiva Service CRM is a multi-channel customer support and customer experience software that allows agents to help customers over multiple communication channels, managing all their interactions in one place. With Artificial Intelligence tools, an intuitive rules engine, and database builder, businesses can automate workflows to and gain insights from the data. Comprehensive experience scoring and patented SmartTopic technology give companies a holistic view of customers.


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About CloudCEM

    CloudCEM was founded in 2016 in Baltimore, MD.

    Simple and easy CRM to manage business for trade organization with services and products. CloudCEM's intuitive estimation, contract generation, project management, time tracking, scheduling and document management features empower the business productivity resulting in shorter sales cycle, increased manageability of ongoing projects and profitability.


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Dquip

    Dquip was founded in 1988 in Thane, India.

    Dquip's lead management software helps you in lead acquisition, qualification, verification, assignment/routing, prospecting, and sales closure. Failure to set sales targets and monitor sales performance and tracking, managing and servicing leads.