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karmaCRM is a fully functional Crm software platform.

This karmaCRM review has been updated for 2021 by industry experts with years of business software experience in development, implementation and use.

We have collated thousands of datapoints for all of our Crm software reviews.

This karmaCRM review contains the latest information about karmaCRM.

If you are looking for new Crm software then so many facts will be confusing for you. Finding new Crm software requires expert analyzing skills and comprehensive knowledge. You'll need to fully understand what each piece of Crm software can do to ensure it is a good fit for your business. For starters, you need to select the ideal Crm software provider who will be transparent with you constantly.

In this fast-paced world of business software, you'll need advice to make correct decisions. karmaCRM is just one such piece of Crm software which will enhance your business. It is crucial to know about karmaCRM before you invest your money in their software.

Our entire karmaCRM Review covers everything you need to know about their Crm software. A fantastic piece of Crm software can ease multiple burdens within a business and give you positive ROI. If you want to make a good return on investment, you should use Crm products that aligns with your business needs.

There's absolutely no sure-fire method to ensure a good ROI; therefore, you must carefully assess any new Crm software before you choose them. It is a frequent misconception that all Crm software are the same, but that's not true. Wrong judgment, in the beginning, can put your business back.

karmaCRM is a provider of crm software which has forged its way successfully over the years and provides one of the best Crm software on the market. Within this review, we've attempted to collate some of the vital facets of karmaCRM. This review will help you to know whether software from karmaCRM is a fantastic match for your business or not. We have tried to breakdown all the qualities and charges for your convenience.

KarmaCRM Ratings

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How To Choose The Best Crm Software For You

When choosing whether KarmaCRM is the most appropriate crm software for your business there are 5 things to consider and do to make the right choice:

  • Decide what you need to achieve from using KarmaCRM
  • Does KarmaCRM achieve your needs as a full Crm platform?
  • Fully understand the KarmaCRM crm platform and toolset. Do the KarmaCRM tools and resources align with your business needs?
  • Work out the budget available to implement a new Crm solution and does the solutions from KarmaCRM offer the features you need within the budget.
  • Register for a account with KarmaCRM. Ask for a callback and demo to finally check that the solution is right for you.
  • karmaCRM Review – Company Overview

    Full Company Name karmaCRM
    Website URL http://www.karmacrm.com/
    karmaCRM Phone Number None
    Year Founded 2010
    karmaCRM Address Ann Arbor, MI
    karmaCRM Employees (As per LinkedIn) 5
    Revenue Unknown
    Ownership Private
    karmaCRM Twitter Handle @karmaCRM
    karmaCRM Twitter Followers 2933
    karmaCRM LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/779028/
    Main Software Features Lead Management, Contact & Account Management, Task / Activity Management,

    KarmaCRM Pricing & Costs


    $16 per month


    $41 per month


    $74 per month

    What is KarmaCRM?

    karmaCRM is a fully functional piece of crm software provided by karmaCRM and is targeted for small to enterprise sized businesses.

    karmaCRM was founded in 2010 in Ann Arbor, MI.

    karmaCRM is the fully customizable solution for building better customer relationships through clarity and efficiency

    KarmaCRM Free Trial

    karmaCRM does not offer a free trial.

    While creating this karmaCRM review we found that it offers a lot of advanced crmfeatures with its paid plans. You can learn more about some of the karmaCRM Crm features further on in this karmaCRM review.

    Is KarmaCRM The Best Crm platform available?

    Crm suppliers range from 1 man bands to giant companies; There is a whole lot out there. However, when it comes to choosing a Crm solution, there are numerous considerations that you must factor in. To be able to make sure that KarmaCRM is the best Crm solution for your small business, check out our guide below.

    KarmaCRM Features

    karmaCRM provides professional crm festures like Lead Management, Contact & Account Management, Task / Activity Management,

    karmaCRM Review - Sales Force Automation Features & Rating

    Sales Force Automation Features Rating
    Contact & Account Management
    Task / Activity Management

    karmaCRM Review - Marketing Automation Features & Rating

    Marketing Automation Features Rating
    Email Marketing
    Lead Management

    karmaCRM Review - Customer Support Features & Rating

    Customer Support Features Rating
    Customer Support Portal
    Knowledge Base

    karmaCRM Review - Reporting & Analytics Features & Rating

    Reporting & Analytics Features Rating

    karmaCRM Review - Mobile & Social Features & Rating

    Mobile & Social Features Rating
    Mobile User Support

    karmaCRM Review - Platform Features & Rating

    Platform Features Rating

    karmaCRM Review - Integration Features & Rating

    Integration Features Rating

    Alternatives To KarmaCRM

    karmaCRM not quite right for you? Many businesses want crm software to help with business goals. What is difficult is finding out whether or not the software you choose is right for your business. We have compiled a list of crm software that our reviewers voted best overall compared to karmaCRM. Based on thousands of datapoints, you can see how karmaCRM matches up to their competitors, and find the best fit for your needs.

    The Top 20 KarmaCRM alternatives are listed below

    Pivotal CRM

    Overall rating 66%
    Setup Rating 85%
    Ease Of Use Rating 72%
    Support Rating 77%
    About Pivotal CRM

    Pivotal CRM was founded in 2018 in Austin, TX.

    Flexible enterprise customer relationship management solutions that mirror your unique processes and enable business innovation. CRM your users will love!

    SuperOffice CRM

    Overall rating 96%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 92%
    Support Rating 83%
    About SuperOffice CRM

    SuperOffice CRM was founded in 1990 in Oslo, Norway.

    CRM Software


    Overall rating 86%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About MagicCRM

    MagicCRM was founded in 2000 in Ravenna (RA), Italy.

    Maximize your customer value

    Fruition Partners CRM

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Fruition Partners CRM

    Fruition Partners CRM was founded in 1998 in Rijswijk , Netherlands.

    A new and smart CRM app for real customer intimacy and a firm boost of your business. All your customer data always available in ServiceNow.


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About SpinOffice

    SpinOffice was founded in 1999 in Buxton, United Kingdom.

    Ceate a central spot for all your mail, business relationships, appointments, tasks, projects and folders, documents, files, and notes. And best of all, you share all information with your colleagues. That makes SpinOffice CRM the ultimate team application for any small and medium-size business.

    Anthill CRM

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Anthill CRM

    Anthill CRM was founded in 2011 in Leeds, United Kingdom.

    Anthill is a process-focused CRM, designed to manage unique customer journeys. Every company in the world operates differently, so we have built a platform to support individual operations and their way of working.

    H2O Works

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About H2O Works

    H2O Works was founded in 2012 in Mumbai,India.

    Best SFA, rated 4.5 star by the end users in terms of user-interface, saving time, support up time, this sales pioneers a patented process through which the detailing and reporting bottlenecks faced by the sales workforce is minimized and strategic business decisions are maximized.


    Overall rating 80%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 67%
    Support Rating 40%
    About BuddyCRM

    BuddyCRM was founded in 1996 in Walsall, England.

    I like how it allows me as a manager to get visibility of interactions between sales members and customers more efficiently. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About melssCRM

    melssCRM was founded in 2009 in Chennai,India.

    melssCRM helps you manage your customers and all activities relating to them. It relieves you of the data management and lets you focus on getting your work done!


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About KEI CRM

    KEI CRM was founded in 2011 in Sunderland, Canada.

    KEI CRM takes existing customer data (contact information, email, financial and more) and leverages it to improve marketing efforts by compiling the target market into a manageable resource for direct communications to the right person, or prospective customer. Users will improve customer communications because the auto messaging feature lets them know the minute users have received a message from them. The Document Management (an integral part of our KEI CRM system) matches messages to customer files by date, no more hunting for paper files. When users are ready to respond, all the customer's data is right in front of them.


    Overall rating 90%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 70%
    Support Rating 89%
    About EspoCRM

    EspoCRM was founded in 2014 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

    Open Source CRM application that allows you to see, enter and evaluate all your company relationships regardless of the type. People, companies, projects or opportunities - all in an easy and intuitive interface.


    Overall rating 90%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 100%
    Support Rating 33%
    About ShootQ

    ShootQ was founded in 2006 in Akron,USA.

    ShootQ is a cloud-based CRM system for creative people including Professional photographers, videographers, wedding industry professionals, and many more creative types. This platform allows you to manage contacts, all of your jobs, send proposals, contracts, track your calendar and more.


    Overall rating 78%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About CloudCC

    CloudCC was founded in 2008 in Santa Clara,United States.

    CloudCC offers the complete CRM platform with highly competitive pricing, features business apps covering marketing automation, sales force automation, service management, extensible platform and industry CRM solutions and more, CloudCC provide SaaS and PaaS, you can find out a CRM solution we can do for you.


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About QuinataCRM

    QuinataCRM was founded in 2002 in Graveley, United Kingdom.

    Simple to use CRM for small business


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About TRACK PM

    TRACK PM was founded in 2012 in Cottage Grove, United States.

    TRACK PM is a hospitality property management software that delivers industry specific features and functionality for the entire spectrum of reservations, revenue, housekeeping, accounting, front desk, maintenance, owner management and guest relations.


    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About iQDesk

    iQDesk was founded in 2006 in London, United Kingdom.

    iQDesk is free business management software.

    Manufacturing X Sales Platform

    Overall rating 98%
    Setup Rating 100%
    Ease Of Use Rating 90%
    Support Rating 93%
    About Manufacturing X Sales Platform

    Manufacturing X Sales Platform was founded in 2012 in Singapore, Singapore.

    Manufacturing X Sales Platform combines the power of CRM and CPQ with production expertise and intelligent insights to transform the profitability of manufacturing businesses today. We uniquely enable manufacturing businesses to offer outcome based solutions to their customers by providing real-time project based pricing and cost estimation requiring production , manufacturing process and engineering design insights. In addition, we also enable them to sell standard, configured and engineer to order products.

    Boxxstep BRM

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About Boxxstep BRM

    Boxxstep BRM was founded in 2016 in Horsham, England.

    Boxxstep BRM (Buyer Relationship Management) is a software that helps to manage, visualize, and action in prospects and buyer team.

    eXert CRM

    Overall rating 84%
    Setup Rating 50%
    Ease Of Use Rating 30%
    Support Rating 40%
    About eXert CRM

    eXert CRM was founded in 2010 in Hyderabad,India.

    eXert CRM software is designed on the basis of the current lifestyle and trending of the target audience and demographics.

    Vtiger Sales

    Overall rating 80%
    Setup Rating 88%
    Ease Of Use Rating 83%
    Support Rating 80%
    About Vtiger Sales

    Vtiger Sales was founded in 2004 in Cupertino, California.

    Vtiger helps you run a better sales process - with 360 lead histories and scoring, one-click engagement, on-record collaboration, everything-automation, and sales analytics.